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After independence jungles of Maoist had shaken hands with local people in 1967. At that time CPM politicians in West Bengal used for their vote bank. They forcefully took lands of local farmers & given to businessmen. In return they got hefty money or bribe, party donations. So the real Naxal movement had started in year 1967 from Naxalbari place from West bengal which now extended to six states.

This movement got huge support from poor village farmers & tribal`s . These people are living in unhuman conditions. There is no water, electricity, road, school & hospitals. They are victim of corrupt system.

But the noble nature of the naxal movement became tarnished as the “maoist” problem took shape. Because after 2004 there was a maoist movement in Nepal with the help of India north-east terrorists & china`s help. Indian Naxals has joined hands withthem in 2004 because of cruelty & barbarism of CPM in west bengal , and central government ignorance. Also the movement of Singur & Nandigram took revolution in west bengal. They wanted their own world and the lack of a functional police force in recently freed India – afforded them the opportunity to create ranks of foot soldiers from the rural populations. Maoist are targetinglocal Businessmen & taking money for setting business in their areas.

Back in the heydays of the freedom struggle, the naxals were a band of outlaws in and around the West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa border. They lived in the jungles and made military style guerrilla attacks on the British sponsored East India Company. They were the cowboys, who much like the Robin Hood of fables, took from the rich and gave to the poor.

Central Government lost an important opportunity after the fake killings of maoist leader Azad.  As India matured as a country – the police force became more and more corrupt, fake killings which includes politics. Like politics in west Bengal Maoist with Trinmool Congress verses CPM in power. READ FULL ARTICLE

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Common Wealth 2010, New Delhi (3-14 october)

It is too late for us to hope for a spectacular CWG, which could compare with the spectacular Beijing Olympics. We could even now make it a decent CWG and salvage our national honour if the Prime Minister acts and acts decisively and makes it clear that hereafter he will be in charge till the Games are over.One is helpless before the monsoon,but one was not before the alleged mismanagement of the Organising Committee. If one hadacted in time against the Organising Committee—–if necessary, by having it replaced—- when the initial signs of the accumulating mess appeared three months ago, one might have saved our national honour.The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, whose responsibility it was to assert his captaincy of a sinking ship and stop it from sinking, dithered as he generally does when faced with a crisis—-hoping that somehow things will turn out to be all right.The result—-12 days before the Games, renowned athletes whom we were hoping to see in action in New Delhi have started deserting the Games. READ FULL ARTICLE

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The Minister of Food and Agriculture Mr. Sharad Pawar admitted in the parliament July,2009 that more than 11,700 tonnes of rice and wheat amounting for INR 6.86 crore (USD 1,462,527) were found damaged in storage facilities of the Food Corporation of India (FCI).

In contradiction to Mr. Pawar’s statement, it is revealed that more than one billion tons of food grains were damaged in FCI storage according to the Right to Information query filed by Mr. Dev Ashish Bhattacharya in January 2010.The reply to the query also exposes the fact that for last ten years between 1997 and 2007, more than 10 millions tonnes of food grains including rice, wheat, paddy and maize were damaged in FCI godowns. READ FULL ARTICLE

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According to National crime Bureau – about 6000 farmers died in 5 years in Vidharva area of  Maharastra. Madhya Pradesh is in sceond number  . Orissa is third in the list. 2 Lakh (200 thousand) farmers died between-1997-2007. Every 30 min 1 farmers sucide in India. India`s agricultural production growth rate is 2% only. Numbers of farmers died in 2009 is 17,363.

40% of Indian farmers would like to give up farming if they had a choice.
The average monthly per capita expenditure of the Indian farm household is just Rs-600

Also farmer depends on old method of farming using cows rather than tractor because they have no money.900,000 American farmers produce about the same agricultural output as India’s 300,000,000 farmers.

Around 5 lakh 635 villages in India. Government forcefully taking farmers land in the name of Black Law called Land Acquisition Act that was made by Britishers only to exploit & destroy India. This is giving direct benefit to Industry & politicians, but who cares farmers? Before 1857 almost every Indian farmers had at least 20 Acres of land.


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HISTORY:– Problem was started in 1947 after divison of India, at that time Kashmir King Raja Hari Singh wanted independent  country . But after attack of Pashtun pakistani millitants in 1947 Raja hari singh ( called for help from India. Indian Home  Minister sardar BallavBhai Patel said that if he ready to merge kashmir to India  then only India can help. So after agreement  India helped kashmir King but unfortunately pakistani millitants captured some  parts of kashmir( now pakistani occupied  kashmir).At that time kashmir muslim conference (now National conference) leader   Seikh Abdullah whose father was a kashmiri  hindu pandit who later chanded his religion , wanted kashmir an independent  country. So Indian Prime Minister in 1947  Jawaharlal Nehru prisoned revolt leader Seikh Abdullah  READ FULL ARTICLE

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