The Minister of Food and Agriculture Mr. Sharad Pawar admitted in the parliament July,2009 that more than 11,700 tonnes of rice and wheat amounting for INR 6.86 crore (USD 1,462,527) were found damaged in storage facilities of the Food Corporation of India (FCI).
In contradiction to Mr. Pawar’s statement, it is revealed that more than one billion tons of food grains were damaged in FCI storage according to the Right to Information query filed by Mr. Dev Ashish Bhattacharya in January 2010.The reply to the query also exposes the fact that for last ten years between 1997 and 2007, more than 10 millions tonnes of food grains including rice, wheat, paddy and maize were damaged in FCI godowns.

Some views have been expressed to explain the causes of the rotting. The rotten grains could be sold out to the commercial sectors of liquor production. Others suggest that damaging important amounts of grains damaged may help maintaining high prices in the market. While people found 300,000 tonnes of rotting grain in an open field in Madhya Pradesh in late July.In January 2010 that within two months 28 children who died of malnutrition. The latest one comes from the state of Madhya Pradesh where a whopping 67 percent of the people live below the poverty line.Supreme court of India ordered to distribute food to poors rather than rotting , but our Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said that government cann`t distribute. Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee had export 400,000 tonnes wheat and 100,000 tonnes rice to Bangladesh at a discount price ,100,000 tonnes rice to Malaysia, 200,000 tonnes rice and wheat to Nepal and some foodgrains to Maldives.

The storing capacity of covered godowns of FCI is around 256.64 lakh tonnes and the total stored stock is around 218.35 lakh tonnes.This being the overall status, the region-wise data across the country show startling facts that the stocks in FCI covered depots are less as compared to their storage capacities.In northern region, the total capacity of FCI’s covered godowns is 127.48 lakh tonnes, while only 111.22 lakh tonnes of food grains are stored in the region.In southern region, the total capacity of the covered godowns is 57.39 lakh tonnes while the total stock comes up to 54.24 lakh tonnes.In the eastern region, the total covered godowns are 23.99 lakh tonnes and the stocks held is just 17.10 lakh tonnes.In the northeast, 4.48 lakh tonnes can be stored but the available grains are 3.50 lakh tonnes.The westen region statistics reveal that 43.30 lakh tonnes are the available total covered godowns capacity and the available stocks are just 32.29 lakh tonnes

Government should take responsibility for rotting foods & should make storage area in district & panchayat level, should learn lessons from China.
The truth is Government is spending Rs-27 crore to store food in open area which is not safe from water.But if Government will spend Rs-5 crore it will create a good quality godown.

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