After independence jungles of Maoist had shaken hands with local people in 1967. At that time CPM politicians in West Bengal used for their vote bank. They forcefully took lands of local farmers & given to businessmen. More than 1 Lakh people have lost their their life due to this movement. In return they got hefty money or bribe, party donations. So the real Naxal movement had started 25th may,1967 from Naxalbari place from West bengal which now extended to six states.Three people who makes the movement successful  Kanu Sanyal, charu majumdar & General Santhal .( Read THE TRUE STORY OF NAXAL MOVEMENT– CLICK HERE)

This movement got huge support from poor village farmers & tribal`s . These people are living in unhuman conditions. There is no water, electricity, road, school & hospitals. They are victim of corrupt system.

But the noble nature of the naxal movement became tarnished as the “maoist” problem took shape. Because after 2004 there was a maoist movement in Nepal with the help of India north-east terrorists & china`s help. Indian Naxals has joined hands withthem in 2004 because of cruelty & barbarism of CPM in west bengal , and central government ignorance. In 2004 Naxals-Maoists were active in 80 districts , in 2010 they were active in 240 distrists. Also the movement of Singur & Nandigram took revolution in west bengal. They wanted their own world and the lack of a functional police force in recently freed India – afforded them the opportunity to create ranks of foot soldiers from the rural populations. Maoist are   Businessmen & taking money for setting business in their areas.

Back in the heydays of the freedom struggle, the naxals were a band of outlaws in and around the West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa border. They lived in the jungles and made military style guerrilla attacks on the British sponsored East India Company. They were the cowboys, who much like the Robin Hood of fables, took from the rich and gave to the poor.

Central Government lost an important opportunity after the fake killings of maoist leader Azad.  As India matured as a country – the police force became more and more corrupt, fake killings which includes politics. Like politics in west Bengal Maoist with Trinmool Congress verses CPM in power. This created a general dissatisfaction among most Indians and more so among the rural populations. Their lot was neglected totally in terms of infrastructure development projects and amenities never reached their homes. Moreover the police personnel became like small dictators – brandishing a vile incarnation of the law. They used the law to ruthlessly oppress and exploit the poor rural populations.This lead to a potent breeding ground for the “maoist” movement. Small factions from the naxal cadres joined to form the maoists and together they wreaked havoc on the police force.

CRPF personnel are fighting with Maoists & loosing their life. But this is not a fight of CRPF vs Maoists. Just for Rs-10,000 salary CRPF mens are living in unhuman conditions in forests ; no drinking water, place to sleep & prone to mosquito diseases . Even Indian Army is not willing to fire against Maoist. They said they cann`t kill our own countrymen.

According to sources Maoist affected areas are highly rich mineral resources . But there is a nexus between local politicians & Corporates. Like Iron ore price in internal market is 250 dollar per tonne , but in India businessmen are looting in 50 dollar per tonne only. Surely businessmen are giving money to politicians in the name of party donations. Also they are taking benefit from mafias & criminals.

India accounts for 6.7 per cent of the world’s 65 billion tonnes of bauxite reserves. And Orissa’s bauxite wealth constitutes 55 per cent of India (over 2,000 million tonnes, barring some unexplored deposits).Besides, India has non-coking coal reserves to the tune of 60 billion tonnes.

On 6 April, 2010 Maoist kills 67 CRPF persons.

Central government is engaged in central politics only. Local politicians are doing only for vote bank & their benefit. In villages there is always a political & criminal fight between maoists & CPM partys. However as was the case with the police, the maoists gradually became more and more violent and authoritarian in their approach. And now they have become a national problem.Comprising a group of ragtag criminals and other anti-social elements, the maoists in their existence have proved that in many outlying areas democracy has totally failed in this country.

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