HISTORY:– Problem was started in 1947 after division of India, at that time Kashmir King Raja Hari Singh wanted independent  country . But after attack of Pashtun pakistani militants in 1947 Raja hari singh (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hari_Singh) called for help from India. Indian Home  Minister sardar BallavBhai Patel said that if he ready to merge kashmir to India  then only India can help. So after agreement  India helped kashmir King but unfortunately pakistani militants captured some  parts of kashmir( now pakistani occupied  kashmir).At that time kashmir muslim conference (now National conference) leader   Seikh Abdullah whose father was a kashmiri  hindu pandit who later chanded his religion , wanted kashmir an independent  country. So Indian Prime Minister in 1947  Jawaharlal Nehru prisoned revolt leader Seikh Abdullah (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sheikh_Abdullah ) from 1947 to 1963. But in  1963 Seikh Abdullah agreed with PM Nehru , and   got position as a Chief Minister.Now in year 2010 his grandson Omar Abdullah  of National conference is Chief-Minister of  Jammu & Kashmir.(http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kashmir_conflict)

HINDU GENOCIDE:– In 1989 , creation of JKLF led Yasin Malik (who charged with rape  of  Nurse Sarala Bhatt in Sher-e-Kashmir hospital in 1991 & killings body in pieces) & Hurriat leader Geelani ( who is 83 years old & have 91 F.I.R. ) .Militants led by these pro-pakistani groups were involved in killings of 10,000 Panun Hindu kashmiri Pandits  (www.panunkashmir.org) in between  1989 to 1991 and more than 60,000 Hindus forced to leave kashmir valley to Jammu & other parts of India. At that time  India  was facing extremism & other issues in Punjab, North-east, West Bengal(Maoist), Bhopal Gas tragedy (1984) , heavy  corruption,Srilanka Tamil crisis & Hindu politics with extremism. Prime Minister Rajiv gandhi was inexprienced & taken this  matter in a very softly.

REAL CULPRIT:– Now Hurriat is led by Mirwaz farooq (whose father also killed by militants in 1990s) is spreading religious  extremism in Jammu & Kashmir, threatening either embrace islam or leave kashmir , also threatening to Sikhs. .                                               Another pro-pakistani person  Asiya Andrabi who is running Anti-India organisation  Dukhtaren-e-millat & wants Kashmir into an Islamic State. She is educated from a missionary school & delivered her son in jail. In 1990s she was against any beauty parlor, internet cafe,Bollywood music & schools.
But according to government intelligence the mastermind of this stone pelting movement is Massarat Alam who also started Amarnath Land agitation in 2008 & stone pelting.He released on bail on 8 june,2010 just three days before the stone pelting incident.

PROBLEM OF LOCAL KASHMIRI:– Local kashmiri in kashmir valley are forced to live in a situation where one side in  Indian  Army with AFSPA (Armes Forces special Power Act) and another side in Pakistani Army with Terrorists (Lashkar-ai-Taioba &  Jaish-a Mohammad & Jamat-ul-dawa) . Around 1 Lakh (100 thousand) youth in Jammu & kashmir is jobless. Some of them are joining JKLFHurriyat group for daily wage.
Syed Salahuddin, the Kashmiri fugitive who absconded two decades ago from Jammu & Kashmir to Pakistan Occupied Kashmir heads the anti-Indian terror outfit from pakistan.  Hizbul Mujahideen and General Hamid Gul, the India-baiting former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI.   Terrorists  Ilyaz kashmiri , Hafiz Saeed  &  Masood Azhar ; interpol wost wanted Dawood Ibhrahim  wants to destablize India.

RECENT PROBLEM:– Violence started in 11 June,2010 when one boy Mattu was killed in clash between police and protesters.  Security forces are saying that they are firing rubber bullets in air in order to stop violence. In three months 109 people  have lost their lives & 1000 were injured. Also around 2000 security forces were badly injured.

DEMAND OF LOCAL PEOPLE:– Nobody wants to listen problem of local people, no politician are in the streets of Jammu & Kashmir  to solve this problem. Local people are angry after killings of people. Indian government is busy in central politics , so  local people are forced to support Extremists groups of Hurriyat & JKLF. Also local kashmir media & some of journalists are  adding fuel to the fire , covering only violence . Local people wants freedom from killings & scary situation , but some  people are trying to make this problem as a political problem.

FAILURE OF LEADERSHIP & WILLPOWER:– In 1991 pakistan occupied prime minister Mumtaz Rathore wanted Kashmir as an  independent country, but pakistani president Benazir Bhutto sent her in jail. Assassination of Indian Prime Minister Indira  Gandhi in 1984 & Rajiv Gandhi in 1991 shocked India, after that no Indian Prime Minister is taking risk. Surely India needs a powerful & meaningful step to stop violence. without capturing real culprits JKLF & Hurriyat leaders , otherwise it is not possible to stop violence.

                         So the question is how they are working, who giving them money. The answer is the corrupt politicians are giving them by Hawala terror financing (Jain-Hawala Racket). So first of all we need to blame ourself & our corrupt Government, who are selling their position for petty money. Poor Country like Pakistan who is blackmailing India because of our Corrupt Politicians.

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