After independence country runs by 25 % of people, out of 25% people 1% people in India are taking undue advantage of their positions. 70% of Indian population is living Rs -20 per day (less than half us dollar). Tribal, dalit, farmers & schedule cast people are forced to live in unhuman conditions.
But what`s the reason behind this . Is corruption is in our blood ? Well , if 25 % of people runs country then how can we blame whole country ? Why people in India is so poor if government is claiming that they are providing Right to Food & Right to Job (NAREGA) scheme ? Answer is peoples are getting only 10% of benefit, rest have been digested by those middlemen who are politicians, bureaucrats & criminals .
So ,why central government is watching as a spectator ? Answer is government have been making alliance , taking benefit of criminals, tainted persons, extremists, misuse of C.B.I. & police , and using black money to take ministers in favour.

On 14 october 2010- a news channel showed how politicians are spending Rs-10 crore in a rally. ( 0-37-64.html?from=tn)

On 2 August 2010–news channel CNN-IBN sting operation of Rajya Sabha MP on sale. (
28053-37.html )

Junior politicians are following the same. According to reports in election Rs-50,000 crores are using as a black money by politicians for buying political party members, hotel facility, helicopter facility, advertisement in media & giving bribe. They knows that after winning election they will take this money back from corruption.
Politicians are making mockery of Indian election & makes this a an illegal business.  They spent 70% tax revenue to management only which includes their salary,allowance,tour & travel,hotel expenses, house , car, employee e.t.c .  They have taken control of C.B.I. & police. They can change the order of Supreme Court of India in Parliament which also includes those persons who have billions of properties & cash but still crying for 300% salary increment plus 200 % allowances. They cann`t give food to poor rather than rotting. 40% of people in India are not taking part in election because they are coming from educated class & they know the corruption in India.

There are 545 MP (ministers of parliament) in Loksabha ( Lower House of parliament) , out of 545 MP in LoKsabha 316 MPs has more than Rs-100 crore (10 million) worth of legal property & many more illegal money in swiss Bank ; and many more illegal lands.
This includes congress (146) & BJP (59) . Union minister Union minister Prafull Patel & Kapil Sibal is one of them.Average MP property in Loksabha is Rs-5.53 crore .There are also 100 Crorepati in RajyaSabha (Upper House of parliament). There is about 4 crore (40 million) politicians in India.
162 MP in parliament having FIR, 78 have serious cases. But situation is very dangerous in Vidan sabha (state Legistative Assembly), with more than thousands FIR . In Year 1951 Election official expense was Rs-1 crore, now in 2009 rose to Rs-1200 crore. So is not possible for an honest man to fight in an Election.

Expenditure of our President per year is Rs-30 crore & PM is Rs-28 crore , whereas MP & MLA total is Rs-76,000.
According to Election commission ,about1200 Political parties registered in India, But only 200 are working as a political party , rest are engaged in hawala illegal money network. 37% of congress MP & 17 % of BJP MP in Loksabha are from political families. 70% MP in Loksabha have political family connections.

MPs are taking Rs-40 to 50 thousand for asking questions in Parliament.

According to survey those having Property of less than Rs-1 Crore have selection in parliament after winning election is just 6% of total candidate. Surely in an election rally party needs to spend Rs-10 to 20 crore, so they are taking bribe in the name of party fund, engage in criminals activity.

On 23 october 2009- CBI charges minister over Rs-60,000 crore 2G spectrum scam.

I+raids+DoT+on+2G+scam.html )

When politicians will stop taking royalty of Mahatma Gandhi tag & dhoti- Kurta ? They are intrested in those positions which includes the power of tender, money scheme , resources, foreign tour & less work.

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    Haha that’s rediculous. No way

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    Hah, seriously? That’s rediculous. No way

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