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Who is controlling RBI ?

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The CBI raided the vault of the Reserve Bank of India and found a huge cache of counterfeit Indian currency lying in the denomination of 500 and 1000. This was conducted when the CBI raided some 70 odd branches of various banks on the India

Now a Committee, headed by V Kishore S Dev, has said in its report that in between 1997 -1998 the India government got printed Indian Currency worth one lac crores in America, Germany and England.

DELARUE , a British Company, has its biggest contract with RBI(earns 25% of its profit from India) and it provides India with special watermark paper for printing currency. The moment RBI was raided the shares of this company plunged.On the 5th January 2011 India severed all business relations with DE LA RUE. It came to light that RBI had disbursed the contract of 16000tons of printing paper to four competitors of DE LA RUE & not even invited to bid.DE LA RUE CASH SYATEM INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED was given an office in India. The company deals in currency paper, passports, high security paper, security print, holograms and cash processing solutions. It sells to India equipment needed to differentiate the reals from fake currency. This means that this is the same company that is sending counterfeit in the country and is also selling the machines to test their genuity. This perhaps is the reason that in India fake currency passes all tests of being real. The government must come down upon such machines and see the origins of their supply. READ FULL ARTICLE

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INDIA: Hub Of Human Trafficking

Every year an average of 25,000 women and 50,000 child missing in India.Human Trafficking is 32 billion Dollar world wide.India is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor
and commercial sexual exploitation.

Pimps are giving Hormonal Injection & steroids to the teens, so
that their sexual body will develop for prostitution. Pimps are also giving then flesh of peacock & deer for hormonal imbalance. Also in India more than 5,00,000 call girls is belived to work for high profile Escorts service, where they earns Rs-10,000 to Rs-20,000 for 2 hours.

These child prostitute mainly comes from north-east of India (Assam,nagaland,manipur) ,Tribal & poor areas of Bihar,Jharkhand,Uttar pradesh ,Orissa and west Bengal. victims were are also sold to brothels in orrisa kalahandi(Poorest place in India) ,West Bengal (sonagachi), Beneras, Mumbai (kamathipura), Goa e.t.c . Sheiks from the Middle East are also buying these girls.Women are forced to sell their body for Rs-100 to Rs-500. These people are living in Unhuman conditions.They are living in 4 by 4 room, entertaining six to ten people in a day.   READ FULL ARTICLE

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