Why Amar Singh is against JAN-LOKPAL BILL because he has to save his friend Anil Ambani in 2-G spectrum scam case. He has his personal problems with Prashant Bhushan, because prashant Bhushan was the man who file PIL(Public Interest Litigation) in court against Amar Singh 2006 Tape & 2-G Spectrum Scam Case. In both case Justice Singhvi is part of case. Now the CFSL report says that the 2011-Prashant Bhushan CD is fake. Actually that CD was created with the help of 2006 Amar Singh CD.                                                                                                                      .( )

WHY JAN-LOKPAL BILL:— Because India badly needs an Anti-corruption law, that is missing.This bill will punish those people who is looting India & depositing money to foreign banks.Surprisingly there is no law in our country that send jail to Corrupt Politicians & powerful peoples.Because politicians are controlling our country which includes Indian Army, Indian Judiciary, Indian Police, C.B.I . They can make law in Parliament. But it is interesting to know that out Constitution was created within 11 months , actually it`s just a copy of law that was created by Britishers in India. Their aim was to loot India, so they created that type of law. And our politicians are dictate our country in the name of democracy &  Mahatma Gandhi .That`s why they are not amending Land Acquisition Act,1894. Because they need bribe & donation from Industry. So they has to give free land to Industry, free Mining license, free coal, free electricity and free Loan. Because they are not paying from their pocket. ( )

SUPPORT ANNA HAZARE:– Anna Hazare is a modern day Gandhiji. He was part of 1965 war, a military driver. Anna Hazare & Arvind Kejriwal fought for RTI (Right to Information Act ) from 1994. And they succeed in 2004. Now they are fighting for JAN-LOKPAL BILL. The Government LOKPAL BILL is a joke to our democracy. So Anna Hazare, Arvind Kejriwal, Justice Shanti Bhushan, prashant Bhushan, Kiran Bedi, Swami Agnivesh, Mallika sarabhai , Medha pathkar and several others supporting this bill. Shanti Bhushan & Prashant Bhushan created a draft for JAN-LOKPAL BILL. So we need to understand why all politicians are targeting this bill.

Draft of JAN-LOKPAL BILL—                                    

MEDIA FAFIA:— Journalista like Barkha Dutt of NDTV with Pranay Roy ( cousin of  Arundhati Roy) , Vinod Sharma (member of National Minority commission)of Hindustan Times , Vir-Sanghvi of Hindustan Times, Prabhu Chawla India-Today & Indian Express, Shekhar Gupta of Indian Express, Jehangir Pocha of NEWSX, Chandan Mitra of The Pioneer & Upendra Rai of sahara News. Politicians has taken hostage to our media news channel. And news Channel is doing for their advertisement revenue & exlusive news. They are questioning JAN-LOKPAL BILL & it`s members but not talking about NAC(National Advisory Commission) headed by Sonia Gandhi. Because they need membership for Rajya Sabha,free tours & a free flat.      (

AMAR SINGH & JUSTICE SINGHVI SPAT:– Amar Singh was repeatedly targeting Justice Singhvi in his press conferences. But why?  Actually,  the 2G spectrum case is lying with Justice Singhvi. He was trying to pressurize the judge to spare Anil Ambani. Also Amar has old scores to settle with Justice Singhvi. On the 9th of February an extraordinary incident occurred in the Supreme Court. Amar Singh was pulled up by the Court. Amar Singh wanted to renege on the charges that he had made on Sonia Gandhi in the 2006 illegal phone tapping case. He said in the court that though the ruling party is using its clout illegitimately, he wants to take the charges back. His case was being fought by Congress spokesperson Abhishek Manu Singhvi. The argument that Singhvi gave was that Amar had filed the charges on his own knowledge of facts but now that things have turned out to be spurious he wanted to rescind on the charges. This case was being argued in the bench of Justices Mr. G S Singhvi and A K Ganguly. Justice Singhvi contested this argument saying that personal knowledge is then knowledge of facts that one knows personally and that is why it cannot change over time.    The Court maintained that personal knowledge cannot be falsified by ones ownself. The court said that his personal knowledge was spurious and that he had wasted the Court’s precious time. Thus Amar was castigated left, right and centre by the court. Perhaps he could not come to terms with this and when the opportunity arose he targeted Justice Singhvi and also saved his friend Anil Ambani from being arrested.


AMAR SINGH TRUTH:– Amar Singh who was a member of Samajwadi party( headed by Mulayam Singh) , after 2006 Amar-Singh Cd controversy, Mulayam expelled Amar from Samajwadi Party. He is a snake, who was before the friend of Amitabh Bachan. He used Bachan Family for his political greed.Now he is using & doing drama for Ambani family.Amar Singh & Digvijay Singh supports SIMI he also said that Batla house encounter is fake and those arrested are innocent muslims.  ( )

ANIL AMBANI TRUTH:— The case has become all the more interesting as an ICICI Bank employee has revealed that any cheque amounting to more than 10 Crores can by rule be signed only by Anil or his wife Tina Ambani. This revelation is sensational against the backdrop of the fact that Reliance, in 2006-07, had transferred 107 crores to Swan Telecom and that 104 Crores had been transferred via a single Bank. Consequently, Anil or Tina would have signed the amount.He created several false companied , used false Memoramdum &  swan Telecom (promoter- Sahid Balwa)  is the subsidary of Anil Ambai Company.  ( )

SAHID BALWA TRUTH:— Sahid Balwa, College dropout, but has relations with several politicians in Mumbai & Delhi. He used his power & entered in Reality Business (DB Reality).

MUKESH AMBANI TRUTH:— Mukesh Ambai will be the richest persons in the world after 2014, according to Forbes Magzine. He is India`s richest person & giving lot`s of donations, but to Foreign University. Actually he is looting India. He got deals in K.G Basin (Maharastra) , got Shale Gas deal. Intrestingly he sold to B.P. But what he paid for K.G. Basin Deal ? He paid licence fee & bribery to politicians.    (  )

DHIRUBHAI AMBANI TRUTH:—– You can find Dhirubhai Ambani relations with Indira Gandhi , how he got tax & excise exemption . How Indira favours Dhirubhai , in the book– “The Polyester Prince”.    DOWNLOAD BOOK FROM HERE:–

WHY NOT RADIA:—  But why is it so that when all the company heads related to the 2-G case are in jail, Anil Ambani is roaming scot free. Why has TATA not been arrested while he has been accessory to the crime as the Radia tapes show? When the sinister conspiracy behind making Raja the Telecom Minister has been unearthed it is a real shocker. Raja was made the Telecom minister by all the lobbying by the corporate honchos using Radia because they already were very clear as to what they wanted from this ministry and something that had been guaranteed earlier by Dayanidhi Maran the ex- Telecom Minister. The Telcos wanted a minister who would be pliable enough not to scuttle their plans. It is a matter of speculation that none of the UPA partners were aware of this scheming. ( )

TATA-KANIMOZHI RELATIONS:— Tata has been the chief financier of the NGO owned by Kanimozhi but he too has  not been named while Kanimozhi has been nailed by the CBI. (  )

WHY AMBANI & TATA NOT IN JAIL:– The Reliance and TATA case has become all the more tortuous. Actually, Ratan Tata is close to the PM and the deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission, Montek Singh. Anil Ambani on the other hand is close to Sonia Gandhi and Pranab Mukherjee. Now Mukesh Ambani too has joined the fray in defense of his brother. But given the zero tolerance attitude of Justice Kapadia in cases of corruption, none can guarantee that they will not be arrested or tried. An example of this is that the apex court appointed Uday U Lalit as the government lawyer even after vehement protestations by the government. This too was done by the bench comprising of Justice Singhvi. Now the only way the Ambani hotshot could be saved was to pressurize the court. This is precisely what Amar Singh tried to do by targeting the Bhushans and through them Justice Singhvi. And it can surely not be a benign coincidence that the second chargesheet filed by the CBI does not contain Anil Ambani’s name not Ratan Tata’s. And Amar Singh has been successful in his plans.

( )

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