INDIA: Hub Of Human Trafficking

Every year an average of 25,000 women and 50,000 child missing in India.Human Trafficking is 32 billion Dollar world wide.India is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor
and commercial sexual exploitation.

Pimps are giving Hormonal Injection & steroids to the teens, so
that their sexual body will develop for prostitution. Pimps are also giving then flesh of peacock & deer for hormonal imbalance. Also in India more than 5,00,000 call girls is belived to work for high profile Escorts service, where they earns Rs-10,000 to Rs-20,000 for 2 hours.

These child prostitute mainly comes from north-east of India (Assam,nagaland,manipur) ,Tribal & poor areas of Bihar,Jharkhand,Uttar pradesh ,Orissa and west Bengal. victims were are also sold to brothels in orrisa kalahandi(Poorest place in India) ,West Bengal (sonagachi), Beneras, Mumbai (kamathipura), Goa e.t.c . Sheiks from the Middle East are also buying these girls.Women are forced to sell their body for Rs-100 to Rs-500. These people are living in Unhuman conditions.They are living in 4 by 4 room, entertaining six to ten people in a day.   READ FULL ARTICLE

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PMSCY:Prime Minister Spectrum Corruption Yogana

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Today the Government of India has launched a new scheme for hungry people called “Prime Minister Spectrum Corruption Yogana”(PMSCY). Shocking, but it`s true. But atleast the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh should have informed the common people of India.But according to our Government this scheme is exclusively for hungry Indians, and those hungry Indians are  our Industrialists,politicians & bureaucrats. The only condition is that persons should have corruption in his blood.Ironically media has to inform to the honest people of India.

The Comptroller and Auditor General’s (CAG) estimates of a Rs.2 lakh crore loss to the exchequer due to an agreement between Indian Space Research Organisation’s (ISRO) commercial wing Antrix Corporation and a private company Devas Multimeda in 28 January,2005 for 20 Years.Devas Multimedia will pay $40 million as pre-launch capacity reservation and $250 million for satellite capacity lease payments.

Antrix Corporation Limited, which is commercial arm of ISRO, signed an agreement with Devas Multimedia Private Limited for launching two satellites and added that the managing director of the private entity was a former scientific secretary of ISRO.The people representing the two sides – KR Sridhara Murthi, Executive Director, Antrix and SR Kururaj on behalf of Devas. The unbelieveable sweetness of the deal is Antrix will be responsible for obtaining all necessary government approvals, frequency clearance and funding for satellite.Not just that, Antrix will lease to Devas Additional Satellite capacity above and beyond PS2 satellite, and Antrix takes all the risk, insuring PS1 satellite and& also provide re-launch vehicle service for  READ FULL ARTICLE

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The Bofors scandal was a major corruption scandal in India in the 1987; the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi and several others were accused of commission from Bofors AB for winning a bid to supply India’s 155 mm field howitzer to Swedish giant AB Bofors of Rs 1,437 crore contract.The name of the middleman associated with the scandal was Ottavio Quattrocchi, an Italian businessman who represented the petrochemicals firm Snamprogetti. Quattrocchi has relations with Sonia Gandhi family in Italy.When his family visits  in India they used to stay at Rajiv Gandhi private house.After the death of Rajiv Gandhi between 1991 to 1993 Quattrocchi met with Sonia Gandhi thirteen times with his wife.His wife used to go for shopping with sonia Gandhi in Italy. Rahul & Priyanka Gandhi when visits Italy they used to stay at Quattrocchi house.On July 29 1993 Quattrocchi fled secretly from India to  Kuala-Lumpur with just a briefcase, his wife was in Sonia Gandhi house in 1993On 1 February, 1992 then Foreign minister M.S. Solanki passes an unsigned note asking the Swiss to go slow on investigation. On 22 January, 1997 then CBI director Joginder Singh collects documents of Swiss bank accounts but at the time then Prime Minister H.D. Devigora ordered Joginder Singh not to file chargesheet.On 22 October 1997 when BJP Government was in power then only CBI filed chargesheet Chargesheet (under Section 120 B and 420 of the Indian Penal Code for cheating and conspiracy) accuses Quattrocchi, trial court issues warrant against him.He was arrested in December 2000 in Malaysia, but at that time BJP government secretly dealt with Sonia Gandhi that if she would not touch “BJP-RSS Babri Masjid demolition” case then  READ FULL ARTICLE

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Columbia is the world’s biggest producer of coca (cocaine), followed by Peru and Bolivia. Afghanistan is the largest cultivator of opium, earning over $4 billion in sales in 2007. Significant transshipment nations of drugs include Mexico, South Africa, the UAE and Argentina. The largest consumer of illegal drugs is the US, with an annual consumption of over $65 billion. Other major drug consumers include Brazil, Australia and Chile.

According to the World Drug Report, the global trade industry generates over $320 billion annually. This revenue is equal to 0.9% of the world’s GDP. The drug trafficking business creates large scale employment opportunities legally and illegally.

In India 84,000 Drug formulations in India.But According to WHO only 450 Drug formulations are enough.In 1980, Justice Hati committee told that only 115 drug formulations are enough.India`s drug business is 40 Thousand crore anually compared to 10 crore in 1947.
Also Doctors have been preferring Antibiotics for any kind of disease in India because they are taking huge amount of commission from Pharma Companies for this.
Some examples of illegal drugs– Acromycin(now in India with different name),Biprade(banned in several countries including Ireland,Phillipines,Columbia,Germany,UAE),CpHAC,Cyscanorm,Asprid,Canopride,Moticane,Nimocylite(Ban in 50 countries including sweden,portugal).
Analgin , a drug, for headace, according to experts is a obsulete drug, but this drug makes Rs-37 crore business yearly in India. Procter & gamble selling VICKS in India but not allowed to sell this product anywhere in the world.with this kind of drugs a person can die,paralyse,or will have blood problem.Several thousand peoples dies yearly due to illegal drugs.

Foreign drug companies in India–
USA–(Galaxo,Procter & gamble, pifizer)
INDIAN- Ranbaxy
These companies have huge amounts of profits from 300% to 1000%.


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IPL:Indian Paise Loot

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IPL is currently worth about Rs 20,000 crore.Actually, such is the money involved that during the league’s last burst of expansion the auction figures were quoted in US dollars: Rendezvous, a consortium which surprised everyone (including the organisers) by winning the right to start a team in Kochi, quoted $333.33 million; they beat out Gautam Adani’s group, which had bid $315 million for a franchise in Ahmedabad.

Ahmedabad is probably the second biggest betting centre in India after Mumbai, and gambling is mainly what has turned the IPL into a Rs 20,000 crore ($4.5 billion) enterprise. This is no secret to some of the people in the BCCI. After all, some of their friends might also benefit from this informal Indian Las Vegas.

When Lalit Modi lost the elections to the Rajasthan Cricket Association (RCA), he not only lost a fiefdom, he lost much-needed immunity.His political patronage was blown and more than 20 cases were opened against him, relating to tax evasion and financial irregularities when he was at the helm of the RCA.The rumour mills say that Lalit Modi had approached Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi and was assured by the latter that if he could ensure that the Gujarat team wins the franchise and brings both glamour and money to the state, he’d be made the secretary of the Gujarat Cricket Association (of which the chief minister Narendra Modi is the president).Newspapers had carried front-page stories linking a beautiful South African model, Gabriella Demetriades, with Modi. It seems Modi no longer wanted the association and had requested Tharoor’s office, as Minister of State for External Affairs, to deny Gabriella a visa.He seems to have left an e-mail trail when he wrote to Joseph for help about denying the visa. Modi was not only booked for drug abuse in college but is involved in a court case for cocaine abuse as recently as 2006 in the UAE.The office of Subhash Chandra Goel( who started Indian Cricket League), Chairmain Zee Telefilms, for instance, has offered clinching evidence of Modi’s involvement in a lottery scandal in India’s northeastern states for which a court case has been going on for years. READ FULL ARTICLE

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India is a densely populated country with different religions & castes. But the way religious extremism is growing in India , is now India`s internal cancer. Local & state government is engaged in his own politics whereas central government is engaged in his own politics. Terrorists group in Pakistan (LET & JEM) and in Afghanistan (Taliban) , but now India is feeling his home grown Terror group like SIMI,HUJI,Indian Mujaheeden, PFI(Kerela),Kahilistani Millitants,Maoist-Naxals ,Hurriyat-JKLF,NAGA-MANIPUR millitants and Hindu Fundamentals.

There have been 10 big terrorist attacks in India in 10 years which include 2001-Parliament attack ,Delhi,Mumbai,Ahembdabad,Jaipur,Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand-Maoists and Kashmir-LET.After violence & partition of India in 1947 tensions was never stopped in some parts of India.

JAMMU & KASHMIR:–In 1947 Millitants led by Pakistani extremists group attacked people in Kashmir, at that time King of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh asked help from India & merged Kashmir to India. But infiltrators are still supporting extremism in Kashmir to Hurryat (Geelani,Mirwaz,Massarat Alam,Shabbir shah) & JKLF-Yasin Malik. In Pakistani occupied Kashmir Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) group led by Jakhirur Rahman lakhwi is doing. In 1991 terrorists killed thousands of Hindus which includes Shia-Muslim leader Aga Syed Mehdi in Kashmir.Terrorists funded by LeT have created anti-India condition in Kashmir. Even Shayama prasad Mukherjee failed to resolve problem.     Syed Salahuddin, the Kashmiri fugitive who absconded two decades ago and heads the anti-Indian terror outfit, Hizbul Mujahideen; and General Hamid Gul, the India-baiting former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI. There is also a tie between Lashkar & golbal Jihad.

PUNJAB:–When India was divided in 1947 Punjab was also divided & some parts of Punjab is in Pakistan now.In 1980s a group in Indian-Punjab named “Babbar Khalsa” led by Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale against India and demanded a new country “Khalistan“.
So in 1984 when militancy was very high in Punjab then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi decided operation “Blue Star” which destroyed militancy group.After 1984 pogroms in Delhi some sikh community in India is very angry.

NORTH EAST:–Terrorism is very high in north-east part of India–  ULFA in Assam , NAGA insurgency ,Manipur ,Tripura, Meghalaya & Mizoram  READ FULL ARTICLE

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—November 2005, PIL filed in SC against Mulayam for allegedly amassing crores
—March 2007, SC orders CBI inquiry
—October 2007, CBI tells SC that the inquiry is complete
—May 2008, Mulayam fails to file a counter-affidavit
—SC yet to announce a date for hearing

UP is the 5th poorer state of India.
2 out of 5 people lives in  Below Poverty Line.
As per census Maximum income of BpL card holders is Rs-7.

The CBI is learnt to have unearthed Rs 17 crore of disproportionate assets during preliminary investigations into the case against Mulayam and his family members. But, the case file has been gathering dust, ostensibly in the wake of the changing political equations at the Centre.

Rs-2 Lakh Crore food scam happened in between 2001-2005, at that time Mulayam Singh Yadav brother shivpal Yadav was Uttar Pradesh Agriculture Minister.

Mulayam singh yadav had declared properties worth Rs 79,000 in 1977 could have amassed properties worth millions without any known source of income.                   READ FULL ARTICLE

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