Columbia is the world’s biggest producer of coca (cocaine), followed by Peru and Bolivia. Afghanistan is the largest cultivator of opium, earning over $4 billion in sales in 2007. Significant transshipment nations of drugs include Mexico, South Africa, the UAE and Argentina. The largest consumer of illegal drugs is the US, with an annual consumption of over $65 billion. Other major drug consumers include Brazil, Australia and Chile.

According to the World Drug Report, the global trade industry generates over $320 billion annually. This revenue is equal to 0.9% of the world’s GDP. The drug trafficking business creates large scale employment opportunities legally and illegally.

National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) of Nigeria found boxes containing fake anti-malarial drugs such as Maloxine and Amalar tablets having an estimated value of N32.1 million ($220,000) The labels on the products showed that they were manufactured in India however; the bill of lading indicated they have been produced in China, and the exporter is Heihe Cheng Feng Trading co, Ltd. (Shenzhen Shenghetai Trading Co. Ltd).

Drugs advertisement is not allowed ,so these companies are showing their advertisement without any fear? Illegal-drugs-can-kill-people, result of laboratory tests confirmed that the fake anti-malarial drugs, which were manufactured in China but labeled “made in India,” contained only sulfadioxine and no pyrimethamine; whereas original drug contains both sulfadioxine 500 milligram and pyrimethamine 25 milligram.

If these drugs have not been seized by NAFDAC, 642,000 patients will be affected by treatment failure, drug resistance, complications like anemia and even death if no effective drug is given thereafter.

China has been unfairly manufacturing fake drugs for a long time.  According to China Daily newspaper, China’s FDA counted 329,613 cases of distribution of unlicensed drugs and medical products in the past years.

Such scandals cause gigantic damage to Indian Industry’s reputation and put a question mark on safety and quality measures of Indian products. India’s High Commissioner in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, Mahesh Sachdev mentioned that “these incidents not only dents our image and takes our legitimate market share, it also erodes the distinction between generic and fake medicines that we have been campaigning for at WHO and WTO”.

In India 84,000 Drug formulations in India.But According to WHO only 450 Drug formulations are enough.In 1980, Justice Hathi committee report that only 115 drug formulations are enough. India`s drug business is 40 thousand crore annually compared to 10 crore in 1947.
Also Doctors have been preferring Antibiotics for any kind of disease in India because they are taking huge amount of commission from Pharma Companies for this.
India top selling Antibiotics are– Augmentin (GlaxoSmithKline),Mox (Ranbaxy),Zifi (FDC Ltd),Taxim (Alkem). Some examples of illegal drugs– Acromycin(now in India with different name),Biprade(banned in several countries including Ireland,Philippines,Columbia,Germany,UAE),CpHAC,Cyscanorm,Asprid,Canopride,Moticane,Nimocylite(Ban in 50 countries including Sweden,Portugal).
Analgin , a drug, for headace, according to experts is a obsulete drug, but this drug makes Rs-37 crore business yearly in India. Procter & gamble selling VICKS in India but not allowed to sell this product anywhere in the world.

Now Ranbaxy ,Pfizer now owned by foreign company.with this kind of drugs a person can die,paralyze,or will have blood problem.Several thousand peoples dies yearly due to illegal drugs.



Foreign drug companies in India–
USA–(Galaxo,Procter & gamble, pifizer)
These companies have huge amounts of profits from 300% to 1000%.

01. Oxyfin Botazon, Oxypoz, Larjesic, Neurojesin, Sungril, Oxyzen, Parabutazon, Kliocvinal, Phynil Butazon, Actimal, Aljiril, Aristopyrin, Butacartidan, Butaproxyvan, Britain, Japan, Germany,Sweden, Finland, America, Italy,Bangladesh, Australia,Maylasia, Israel, Jordan By taking a small amount of this medicine the intestine get small Punctures and can cause blood cancer.These medicines have taken more than 15000 lives. It has been given ‘B’ where it is banned
02. Ambkvinal, Eliqueen, Embijayam Fort, Emicure, Emicleen, Emigil Plus, Choloropectiden, Dyedoqueen, Introgyem, Aydojol, Aydocyclin, Metaqueen, Neutrojyem, Aydohydroxyqueen, Queenijol, Analjin, Japan, Norway, Sweden,Germany, Denmark, Nepal,Bangladesh, Spain, France,Sri Lanka Paralysis in legs, blindness. Because of these 10000 people got paralysed in Japan
03. Beralgun Buskapan, Butaljin Farjesic Marlajin Oxypoz Sinaljesic Jimaljin Altrajin Finoljin Pamajin Australia, Austria, Belgiun,Billi, Denmark, France,Grease,Israel,Italy,Japan,Korea,Mexico, Nepal,Sweden,America,Britain,Germany, Denmark, Nepal, It destroys the White Blood Cells in the body of the human body due to it the structure of the bones and the muscles of the human beings gets effected and can cause death of a person
04. A.T.Fort, Mayestrojanfort, Orosekronfort, Orgalotin, Ostron, S.G.Fort, Cholorostrap, Cuper Strap, holoromfenical and Straptamysin, Introstrap, Intestostrap, Straptophinakle, Australia, Austria, Belgiun, Denmark, Greece, Italy,New Zealand, Norway,South Africa, Thailand, Britain, Singapore,America, Germany, Bangladesh If it is given to a pregnant woman then makes the child handicap. It also effect in the production of the white blood Cells in the body of the human
05. Drooling Drooling, Dekadyurabolin, Brufen, Ivabolin, Novaljin, Aspirin, Kaimer, Kaimoral, Kaimoral Fort, Alfapsin, Bangladesh, Britain and all of the country of the world It effects the immune system of the body and the person soon dies
06. Acetophenetideen, Fenasitin, Acromysine, Docabolin, Histaprade, Pericart, Parydron, Irgofen, Mygril, Mygrenil, Stiptoment, Canada, Chili, Cyprus, Denmark etc They effects the liver of the humans The Vitamin present in these medicines only increase the cost of the medicine and nothing other than that.
07. Tetracyclene Thoron Trynarjick Restil Kamaslip Plasidox 2 Plasidox 10 Plasidox 5 Bangladesh, Denmark, Italy, Jayen, New Zealand, Peru,Greece, Italy, Norway, Spain,Venezuela, Bangladesh, Nepal etc. The colour of the teeth of the children gets brown and gives severe damage to the body.
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