MATTER— Shri Kamal Tawri is a retired IAS officer. He is vice president of National Thinkers Forum which is an NGO.When he noticed ina newspaper, controversy regarding General V.K. Singh’s DoB(date of birth), he immediately filed an RTI on October 28, 2010. The RTI was sent to CPIO, Indian Army integrated headquarter of Ministry of Defence Room no G-6, D-1 wing Sena Bhawan, New Delhi.He asked information about the present chief of Army General Vijay Kumar Singh and age of all Lieutenant Generals who could appointed in place of General V.K. Singh as he is going to retire. In its response a list was sent.According to the list, General V.K. Singh, PVSM, AVSM, YSM, ADS birth date is February 7, 1951.

HIGH SCHOOL VERSUS NATIONAL DEFENCE ACADEMY——– General V.K Singh was born on 10th of May , 1951 in Fafoda village of Haryana. While studying in Birla school Pilani General VK Singh decided to join army. It was the year of 1965 and he was 15 years of age. The forms of NDA were filled. Several boys sat together and were filling the forms a teacher was helping them to do so. It was a UPSC form .He mentioned birth date as 10th May 1950 by mistake. Indeed, the form was sent. It was a provisional form. When he received the high school certificate it was sent to UPSC. UPSC asked him that in his high school certificate birth date is mentioned as 10th of May 1951. VK Singh sent clarification that date mentioned in certificate is 10 May 1951. Indeed his clarification was accepted by UPSC. He received a receipt of it.VK Singh was selected in NDA(National Defence Academy) and he passed out in the year 1970. IMA provided him an Identity Card on which the date of birth was mentioned as 10 May 1951. General VK Singh started his new life in army.

DISCLOSED ISSUE—— With advent of year 2006 Major General V.K Singh received a letter which was signed by the then Military Secretary Richard Khare in which he wrote that we have found that your birth date has been mentioned in two ways . There is difference in record of Adjutant General Branch and Military Secretary Branch. Adjutant General Branch is custodian branch in which it is mentioned as 10 May 1951 and in Military Secretary Branch it is mentioned as 10th of May 1950.General V.K Singh clarified that his birth date is 10th of May 1951. He sent his high school certificate also for clarification. Military secretary branch wrote that it will take clarification from Adjutant General Branch. Adjutant General Branch wrote to military secretary branch that the date of birth of General V.K Singh is 10th of May 1951.

GENERAL J.J SINGH’s CONSPIRACY——- During that time General J.J Singh was chief of Army staff. Files were sent to him for correction. He passed an order that if you want to change birth date then it could be done within two years.General J .J Singh played a trick here. He estimated no matter whether his birth year is 1950 or 1951 he will certainly be chief of Army staff. However if his birth date would be considered as 10 May 1951 then Leftinent General Bikram Singh could not be chief of Army staff. It is coincidence that General J.J Singh is from Sikh community. And leftinent Genral Bikram Singh is also from Sikh community.

PRESSURE OF GENERAL DEEPAK KAPOOR——– After General J.J Singh, General Deepak Kapoor became chief of Army. He called VK Singh and informed that due to his letter all files have been stopped due to your letter. I have seen all the papers. I want to send it to law ministry I am your chief I am telling you not to stop movement of files

OPINION OF THREE FORMER CHIEF JUSTICE OF INDIA——– General VK Singh is known as an honest officer. Till now there is no allegation on him except that his date of birth mentioned in army and defense ministry is not same. Justice JS verma wrote in his conclusion, “I therefore fail to appreciate how the MS branch or anyone else can raise a controversy in this behalf or question the correctness of DoB of General VK Singh recorded throughout by the AG branch as 10th of May 1951.”On the other hand G.V Patnaik said , “it transpires that the Ministry of law which the appropriate authority for giving legal opinion to other departments, has already opened to this effect that Date of birth of the querist can only be 10th of May 1951 . I do not know on what basis the learned Attorney Genral has given contrary opinion.”Justice V.N Khare said , “ In view of the above it is my opinion that at this stage the correct course of action would be to accept the date of birth of the querist as found in the records of the AG branch to be 10th May 1951 and make necessary changes where required.”The fourth retired chief justice said that he agree to the opinions of all three former chief justice and considers the opinion of Attorney General published in newspaper.

SOLUTION—— Attorney General Vahanavati is already in web of suspicion in case of 2G spectrum case. He forced to give altogether different opinion from law ministry. It is a conspiracy played by politicians and IAS officials. Whether General VK Singh will fight against it or not is not certain but in order to prove himself right he must move to the president where she can ask the opinion of chief justice. Chief justice could himself look into this matter under section 143 permits and in the end general VK Singh could move to Supreme Court. If the decision of Supreme Court would be in favour of General VK Singh then the only option left for Defence Minister and Prime Minister would be to resign. It is a catch 22 situation for the government.

Government thinks that after Adarsh Society scam in Mumbai , Sukhna Land scam, & hate propaganda by pakistan against Indian Army is time to link corruption to Indian Army and do whatever they want.India is the biggest Arms importer in the world. Instead of developing our own defence & Technology , they are playing with fire.

  1. October 24, 2011 at 8:32 am

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  2. Ganeshan
    January 3, 2012 at 8:12 pm

    A boy of 15 can make a mistake while filling the UPSC form. It is the Matic certificate that should be binding.

  3. Atul CH
    February 14, 2012 at 2:00 pm

    VK Singh joined the NDA in June 1966. If his DoB had been May 1951 he would not have been eligible for that course. The way I see it he should not be allowed a change of date even if the date is correct as he gained entry on false premises.
    Had the correct date been given he would not have been admitted.

  1. August 7, 2011 at 12:46 pm

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