Kargil Land Corruption:–

Now politicians , police officers , ex armed personnels , current Army personnels and IAS officers have taken flats in the name of Kargil Army Martyrs.These include, former Army Chiefs N C Vij and Deepak Kapoor, ex navy chief Madhavendra Singh, family members of top Maharashtra bureaucrats , politicians Sharad Pawar, Ex-CM sushil kumar Shinde ,Ex-CM Vilasrao Deshmukh ,Ex-CM Narayan Rane and Current CM Ashok Chavan.This was after Maharashtra Chief  Minister  Ashok Chavan role in Adarsh Housing Cooperative Society was exposed on 29th october,2010 in media. It was Chief Minister Ashok Chavan, who issued clearance to Adarsh Society as the Revenue Minister. Also, 4 of those 104 people are Chavan’s relatives

a) To whom the society belongs to?
b) Was land reserved for kargil martyrs?
c) If no then why promoters of society projects in that manner?.
d) How could a building with permission of 6 storey went on to become 27 storeys?
e) Why a building adjoining army cantonment was given permission to go to such elevation?
f) Why navy’s objection was not implemented?
g) Why enivornmental minitry concerns were not taken seriously?

C.B.I. is not filing any F.I.R. What does this mean ? If CBI. needs to do anything , infact if C.B.I. needs to go for any inquiry it needs government permission. C.B.I. is working under Government.

It reminds me of kargil coffin scam , sukhna land scam which includes Ex-Army chief Deepak Kapoor & Rajiv Gandhi bofors scam . If those were shocking , this is worst .Using name of immortal soldiers who gave their life for India , Indian pride,Indian freedom , India hope and Indian aspirations.Now corruption has reached in Indian Army top level. How could we believe that after this incident how safe is Arms deal with USA & Russia ? But one thing is sure that this politicians has now spreading corruption  in Army also. This will demotivate our Army Jawans.

India is soon becoming land of scams . Critics may say India was always land of scams , it
is just that media is hyper active these days and so we come to know about it. 2G scam has made supreme court slam CBI ,congress leader is caught with 6 lakh RS. Few days back we had chandra babu naidu’s name linked with cash stuffed car.we saw sting operations showing MLAs on sale for rajya sabha seat, We still wonder who left bhopal gas tragedy’s prime accused out of the country , we saw gujarat home minister behind the bars ,accused for taking bribe from powerful marble lobby of rajasthan and getting soharbuddin eliminated. The list is endless…

This 27-storey building has been built in Mumbai’s Colaba Navy Nagar area of about 3800 square meters.The building was constructed at a place where there used to be Khukri park, inaugurated by Field Marshal Cariappa.Maharashtra Government Revenue Department issued an order in 2003 when current Maharastra CM Ashok chavan was Revenue Minister & Sushil Kumar Shinde was Chief Minister.

According to the information obtained from district mining officer in the district collectorate, Chavan allocated lands to sons of Maharashtra Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) chief Manikrao Thakre and Yavatmal Congress MLA Wamanrao Kasawar.

Two supply depots that store ammunition and fuel and a transport engineering facility for
armoured vehicles located right opposite the controversial Adarsh Cooperative Housing
Society.Defence officials say that if the allottees of the 27-storey complex move into the
apartments adjoining Pethe Marg at Colaba, it would be a huge security hazard and even a possible soft target for terrorists. While the engineering transport facility is located around 27 metres from the building wall, the two army and navy depots are just 100 metres from the building. Vice-admiral Sanjeev Bhasin, flag officer commanding in chief, GOC, wrote to the state government last week to cancel Adarsh’s occupation certificate on account of this security risk.Surprisingly, even the defence establishment till recently has been denying the risk. “In response to the RTI query I filed in March 2010, their office said there is no security risk because it falls outside the defence area,” says Yogacharaya Anandji, who first blew the whistle on the scam. Anandji alleges that the fact that many defence officers are also involved in the scam must have influenced the RTI response.
No doubt that this matter will be buried by politicians. First of all they will say that
this is a politically motivated issue, then say that they will do an inquiry, then inquiry will remain for 10 to 20 years , and finally with the influence of politicians CBI will not give any proof. They will change & doctored all documents , and Supreme Court of India will finally say no proof is found and corruption will remain.

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