Common Wealth 2010, New Delhi (3-14 October)

It is too late for us to hope for a spectacular CWG, which could compare with the spectacular Beijing Olympics. We could even now make it a decent CWG and salvage our national honour if the Prime Minister acts and acts decisively and makes it clear that hereafter he will be in charge till the Games are over.One is helpless before the monsoon, but one was not before the alleged  mismanagement of the Organising Committee. If one had acted in time against the Organising Committee—–if necessary, by having it replaced—- when the initial signs of  the accumulating mess appeared three months ago, one might have saved our national honour.The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, whose responsibility it was to assert his captaincy of a sinking ship and stop it from sinking, dithered as he generally does when faced with a crisis—-hoping that somehow things will turn out to be all right.The result—-12 days before the Games, renowned athletes whom we were hoping to see in action in New Delhi have started deserting the Games.

A)It`s the Taxpayers money , is not IPL (Indian Premier league) corruption.

B) Rs-70,000 crores vested our country which is enough for two Olympic games.

C)In a country where 70 percent of population is living less ten half dollar per day , 350 million peoples are living without food daily, 60 percent people are living without toilets & 5000 child dies yearly due to malnutrition.

D)Infrastructure and developing Delhi should not be an excuse , like flyover and metro rail.

Yes commonwealth game is OK for India , but the way politicians are beheaving & betraying to the people of India is absolutely shameful. Demand of 300 %  increment plus 200 % allowance of  MP(ministers of parliament) proved that they are only employees not the people`s leader. Now after this incident every corrupt leader will say that they will not resign. BPL (below poverty line) scheme is only in 160 districts in India and NAREGA (Job scheme) scheme is only for 100 days to poor people in India which also includes corruption.

According to Lalit Bhanot ( commonwealth organising committee secretary)– India`s hygiene level is different & others are different , yes you have proved.

According to Suresh Kalmadi– Common wealth 2010 will be better than Bejing olympics 2008, well no need to say government is just praying “All is well”.  Again suresh kalmadi said that Infrastructure & facility will be world class, well the whole world saw the sports village where street dogs are living , swimming pools where dengue mosquitos are flying , toilets are still using by labourers.

What would have happen if something like incident of foot- bridge collapse in the middle of game.The report says there is no guarantee of quality of the work done because test records have been fabricated to show compliance. The Chief Vigilance Commission (CVC) which points to corruption at every level in the organization of the games.There is yet another flaw that is potentially dangerous: electrical installations have not been tested in 14 out of the 17 venues before putting it to public use. Most Atheletes from Australia, NewZealand , Canada and many other countries are not going to participate. Are we ready for Guyana, Trinad & Tobago , Chilie , Cuba like countries to participate ? Sports equipiments for common wealth games in India is only hired by SAI (sports association of india ) so after common wealth games nothing will left in India other than grounds. More than 50 workers have lost their life in poor construction of this game. Dengue spread in delhi which cost more than 1200 lives till now due to underconstruction of roads & sites of commonwealth in monsoon.

No doubt that this is a huge setback for hotel & tourism industry.Government used hoardings only to hide pending work & scraps in roads.


Suresh Kalmadi is the president of the Indian Olympic Association (IOA) for the past 16 years.High court said that IOC members should not hold post more than 12 years according to rule. The president of the International Olympic Committee, Dr Jacques Rogge, gave kalmadi the ANOC Award (Association of National Olympic Committees) for his contribution to the Olympic movement and for promoting Olympic sports in India.Kalmadi has stayed IOA chief for a decade by setting up 35 federations for obscure sports like tug of war and roll ball, each worth three votes.

Ironically, though the IOA and the government are both under fire now, they waged a curious battle against each other two years ago. In a petition argued in the Delhi High Court in 2008, the IOA was resisting further scrutiny and claiming itself to be a private body while asking for a further Rs. 1,780 crore from the government. The latter responded with a withering assessment of the IOA’s independent standing, calling it an “assetless organisation” and asking it to be made a public authority, open to scrutiny under the Right to Information (RTI) Act.Government used Dalit fund in this commonwealth game.

But the current Games are only part of the IOA’s continuous attempt to milk public funds. In the failed 2014 Asian Games bid, for which the IOA received Rs. 2 crore, bizarre and unrealistic expenses come to light.In an invoice dated 20 December 2006 of the event management company Wizcraft, a welcome dinner at Kalmadi’s house is billed at Rs. 4.33 lakh. Another farewell dinner at secretary-general Randhir Singh’s house comes to Rs. 2 lakh. The question remains — why was an event management company hired for dinners that were held at private residences? Another Rs. 1.24 crore was spent “towards preparation of final bid to host the 2014 Asian Games”.
The Comptroller and Auditor General’s preliminary report suggests he has been spending it wantonly. Specifically, that 52 out of 53 air-conditioners bought for CWG are lying unutilised. In 2009, he bought 1,000 gift items for Rs. 6.24 lakh but gave only 500 of them to visitors. As oc chief, he set up administrative guidelines that all contracts over Rs. 25 lakh be audited. But he subverted the same rule by awarding contracts to 11 firms instead of one for furnishing the IOA office.

Another scam with the IOA at the centre involves hiring of Australian firm SMAM for finding sponsors for the Games. For the 2008 Youth Commonwealth Games held in Pune, SMAM was paid a 15 percent cut on an estimated sponsorship of $30 million. SMAM could get only Coca-Cola on board, but it was allowed to take a cut on sponsors like BSNL and SAIL. For 2010, SMAM was expected to get 23 percent commission even on such in-house sponsors, though it did not bring in a single private one. But when the media trained its guns on Kalmadi, he terminated the contract with SMAM, which has threatened to sue.

The figures available on the Commonwealth Games website reveals that the cost of renovating the Jawaharlal Nehru stadium was Rs. 961 crore; the Indira Gandhi stadium Rs. 669 crore; the Dhyan Chand hockey stadium Rs. 262 crore; and the Karni Singh shooting ranges Rs. 149 crore. A total sum of Rs. 44,459.48 crore was spent on renovations. The costs incurred in the renovation of Ferozeshah Kotla cricket stadium in Delhi  was Rs. 85 crore. For the Lal Bahadur Shastri stadium in Hyderabad  was Rs. 80 crore, and construction of a new state-of-the art stadium in Nagpur cost Rs. 84 crore.

According to CVC- 65% cost escalation on projects–
“Sportina Payce Infrastructure Pvt Ltd was the lowest tenderer with their quoted amount of Rs64.86 crore which was 67.39% above the estimated cost of Rs38.76 crore. Negotiations were conducted with the agency and and the agency reduced their quoted amount to Rs63,09,67,855 which was 62.77% above the estimated cost and 11.79% above the justified amount of Rs56.44 crore.
“As per CPWD manual which is being followed by the DDA the work can be awarded up to 10% above the justified cost. Work Advisory Board decided to place the matter before the Hon’ble LG for acceptance… and work was awarded to Sportina Payce Infrastructure Pvt Ltd at their negotiated amount of Rs63,09,67,855,” the report, which was received in reply to an RTI query filed by PTI, said.
IOA is planning to bid for Asian games & olympic but failed to do National Games.

Even Doordarshan CEO B.S. Lalli was found guilty of corruption on Telecast Rights issue on Common Wealth Games.

The OC wants to rent treadmills for Rs. 9.75 lakh each, claiming they are highquality machines used during the 2008 Beijing Olympics, costing Rs. 29 lakh. It is found they can be bought in Delhi for Rs. 4 lakh each. Chairs are hired at Rs. 8,378 apiece and the rent for a 100-litre refrigerator is Rs. 42,202.

The report says that the High Commission spent Rs 125 crore on a lease for the Commissioner’s residence. What is more shocking is that out of this, Rs 1.7 crore was wasted on a lease for a wrong alternative location.

The committee headed by Suresh Kalmadi has so far convened 57 meetings and an expenditure of Rs 29.29 lakh was incurred on “snacks and other items” in connection with these meetings, the RTI reply states.

# The capital will have 30 lakh homeless after the Commonwealth Games
# 12-15 lakh of them will be migrant labourers who build the games sites
# One lakh families have been displaced to facilitate beautification plans and build parking lots
# About 2,000 boys aged 14-16 years are working at several games sites in gross violation of labour laws
# So far, over 70 deaths have taken place during construction work and due to diseases caused by the unhealthy conditions prevailing at the living quarters of the labourers
# 50,000 adult beggars and 60,000 child beggars will be removed from the city for the duration of the games and housed in camps on the outskirts

A Rs. 50 crore tender is floated for printing and 13 firms make bids. Overnight, the tender is cancelled. Kalmadi’s office now cites experience in sports events as an eligibility criterion, eliminating all but two.

The OC shortlists three companies as consultants for delivering the Queen’s Baton Relay. PricewaterhouseCoopers quotes Rs. 1.19 crore; Brilliant Entertainment Networks wants Rs. 1.85 crore. Maxxam International quotes Rs. 8.01 crore and gets it.

OC pays £2.5 lakh to a little-known firm in London, AM Films, for hiring mobile video screens. Kalmadi claims Indian High Commission has recommended the firm, brandishing copies of an email sent by the Indian High Commission. The Ministry of External Affairs, however, states that the email was doctored. Kalmadi pleads innocence and suspends Games joint director TS Darbari and treasurer M Jayachandran. Later, it is discovered that Kalmadi himself had signed the papers.

A contract for laying 14 synthetic surfaces at the RK Khanna Tennis Stadium goes to Australia-based Rebound Ace, whose Indian branch is headed by the son of the treasurer of the OC, Anil Khanna. Following media exposure, Khanna resigns.

This is supposed to be a loan to be paid back to the Central Government. The break-up is Rs. 1,620 crore for conduct of Games, Rs. 687 crore for overlays and Rs. 87 crore for scoring results and renting equipment. It includes commissions paid for bringing in sponsorships and relay of the baton

DELHI GOVERNMENT(Rs-2,800 crore)—
This is the largest chunk of money. Rs. 3,700 crore is to be spent on flyovers and bridges, Rs. 3,000 crore on Metro connectivity, Rs. 2,800 on power plants, Rs. 650 crore on widening, strengthening and resurfacing road. New bus depots will cost Rs. 900 crore and improved road signs Rs. 150 crore.

Delhi Development Authority was to renovate 2,700 flats in Vasant Kunj to three-star level for housing technical staff. DDA engineers have already said that the flats won’t be ready in time. Other projects are the Games Village and an indoor stadium at the Siri Fort sports complex

HOME MINISTRY(Rs. 747 crore)–
These funds are to be spent on surveillance, Delhi Police and traffic management. The police plan to buy three bullet-proof armoured vehicles, making Delhi the first Indian city with such fancy machines. Quick-reaction teams, commandos and snipers are being trained to provide security.

Now “shungloo committee” is inquiring this matter but from RTI information by Arvind Kegriwal , he found that suresh kalmadi own people is in  shungloo committee.

But this game exposed the corrution & scandal in India. It includes doping scandal as well as sexual assault. It`sjust not that congress MPs suresh kalmadi ,is also about Vijay kumar Malhotra who is BJP MP is also involved. Chief of  commonwealth Mike Hooper who earlier said that “facility is world class” is also hiding , is equally responsible. Still our government is trying to clean Newdelhi from poor Rikhshawala wala , street shops & beggars. Australia common wealth organisation said that India shouldn`t given common wealth games. According to report: India has given bribe in the name of security deposit Rs-100 crore to 71 commonwealth nations for commonwealth game in India. Attack near Jama Maszid  which is the one of the most secured zone in Delhi  to foreign tourists just before the common wealth game shows that how safe is Delhi & how politicians are playing with the prestige of out country.

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