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Government Land Politics

Jaitapur N-Power Plant: Land For Power –968 hectares The nuclear plant site covers five villages: Madban, Niveli, Karel, Mithgavane, Varliwada, all in Ratnagiri district, Maharashtra where land acquisition ordered in 2007. Land cleared for acquisition: 968 hectares. Rs-14.85 crore compensation earmarked by the state government but  Rs 1.38 cr Amount paid out so far . Only 1.2-1.5 Rs-lakh/acre Price initially offered to villagers  then 4 Rs-lakh Later upped to Rs 4 lakh  &  10 Rs-lakh .This year, the state government has offered Rs 10 lakh per acre plus one job to every family displaced by the project 2,400 Families .Only 40 families have accepted compensation so far, but some of them are rethinking their stand  40,000 .The plant affects the livelihood of 40,000 locals, including about 16,000 directly dependent on fishing  .2,200 Rs-cr Land was shown as “barren” in the initial environment impact assessment reports. But the district is famous for mangoes, chiefly the alphonso variety. Annual turnover: Rs 2,200 crore. In 2003, Ratnagiri READ FULL ARTICLE

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