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Running Charges– Rs-3,000 crore/Year.
Operating Charges- Rs-1,500 crore/Year.
60% salary to upper management.
Rs-480 Crore wasted because India-New york route , Plane was stranded in New york Airport from 11 to 14 hours and 41% income was wasted.
Rs-280 Crore was wasted because plane was not used.
Rs-67 crore wasted on unnecessary design.
Praful Patel demerged Air India & Indian Airlines in 2006.
1200 AirIndia Planes Only for Politicians.
In 2005, then Minister of Airline Praful Patel passed order of Rs-35,000 crore plane.
Government Buy 68 Boeing Plane from U.S.A. But actually required only 28 Planes & paid Rs-10,000 Crore.
Now AirIndia is in Rs-18,000 crore Debt. and Rs- 800 crore Per Month Loss.

Cash-strapped Air India had spent nearly Rs 41 crore in a year in maintaining its offices in 11 cities across globe even though it does not have any operations from these locations. The Air India in an RTI reply has accepted it has offices in Los Angles, Amsterdam, Milan, Vienna, Zurich, Moscow,Cairo, Tehran, Nairobi, Sydney and Chittagong but does not have flight operations at these locations.

One of the most startling policy decisions, and one that has certainly contributed to the mammoth hole that the National Carrier finds itself in, was the decision to merge the 2 carriers, Air India and Indian Airlines: the argument given was that this would allow an entry into the Star Alliance which it was promised would be the silver bullet to end all of the National Carriers problems.

• Fleet acquisition scam:——- Air India had made a request for 24 aircraft in the MCLR category (Medium Capacity Long Range) and even initially selected the Airbus A340-300. Indian Airlines on the other hand had wanted a total 43 new Airbuses to replace the existing fleet of Airbuses they already operated: that’s a total of 67 aircraft. The minister, for reasons best known to him decided that the number just wasn’t enough. So the actual order placed was for a whopping 111 aircraft, instead of the combined total requirement projected by both the airlines of 67. How could an Airline READ FULL ARTICLE

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