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INDIA: Hub Of Human Trafficking

Every year an average of 25,000 women and 50,000 child missing in India.Human Trafficking is 32 billion Dollar world wide.India is a source, destination, and transit country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor
and commercial sexual exploitation.

Pimps are giving Hormonal Injection & steroids to the teens, so
that their sexual body will develop for prostitution. Pimps are also giving then flesh of peacock & deer for hormonal imbalance. Also in India more than 5,00,000 call girls is belived to work for high profile Escorts service, where they earns Rs-10,000 to Rs-20,000 for 2 hours.

These child prostitute mainly comes from north-east of India (Assam,nagaland,manipur) ,Tribal & poor areas of Bihar,Jharkhand,Uttar pradesh ,Orissa and west Bengal. victims were are also sold to brothels in orrisa kalahandi(Poorest place in India) ,West Bengal (sonagachi), Beneras, Mumbai (kamathipura), Goa e.t.c . Sheiks from the Middle East are also buying these girls.Women are forced to sell their body for Rs-100 to Rs-500. These people are living in Unhuman conditions.They are living in 4 by 4 room, entertaining six to ten people in a day.   READ FULL ARTICLE

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