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Columbia is the world’s biggest producer of coca (cocaine), followed by Peru and Bolivia. Afghanistan is the largest cultivator of opium, earning over $4 billion in sales in 2007. Significant transshipment nations of drugs include Mexico, South Africa, the UAE and Argentina. The largest consumer of illegal drugs is the US, with an annual consumption of over $65 billion. Other major drug consumers include Brazil, Australia and Chile.

According to the World Drug Report, the global trade industry generates over $320 billion annually. This revenue is equal to 0.9% of the world’s GDP. The drug trafficking business creates large scale employment opportunities legally and illegally.

In India 84,000 Drug formulations in India.But According to WHO only 450 Drug formulations are enough.In 1980, Justice Hati committee told that only 115 drug formulations are enough.India`s drug business is 40 Thousand crore anually compared to 10 crore in 1947.
Also Doctors have been preferring Antibiotics for any kind of disease in India because they are taking huge amount of commission from Pharma Companies for this.
Some examples of illegal drugs– Acromycin(now in India with different name),Biprade(banned in several countries including Ireland,Phillipines,Columbia,Germany,UAE),CpHAC,Cyscanorm,Asprid,Canopride,Moticane,Nimocylite(Ban in 50 countries including sweden,portugal).
Analgin , a drug, for headace, according to experts is a obsulete drug, but this drug makes Rs-37 crore business yearly in India. Procter & gamble selling VICKS in India but not allowed to sell this product anywhere in the world.with this kind of drugs a person can die,paralyse,or will have blood problem.Several thousand peoples dies yearly due to illegal drugs.

Foreign drug companies in India–
USA–(Galaxo,Procter & gamble, pifizer)
INDIAN- Ranbaxy
These companies have huge amounts of profits from 300% to 1000%.


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