India is a densely populated country with different religions & castes. But the way religious extremism is growing in India , is now India`s internal cancer. Local & state government is engaged in his own politics whereas central government is engaged in his own politics. Terrorists group in Pakistan (LET & JEM) and in Afghanistan (Taliban) , but now India is feeling his home grown Terror group like SIMI,HUJI,Indian Mujaheeden, PFI(Kerela),Kahilistani Millitants,Maoist-Naxals ,Hurriyat-JKLF,NAGA-MANIPUR millitants and Hindu Fundamentals.

There have been 10 big terrorist attacks in India in 10 years which include 2001-Parliament attack ,Delhi,Mumbai,Ahembdabad,Jaipur,Uttar Pradesh, Jharkhand-Maoists and Kashmir-LET.After violence & partition of India in 1947 tensions was never stopped in some parts of India.

JAMMU & KASHMIR:–In 1947 Millitants led by Pakistani extremists group attacked people in Kashmir, at that time King of Kashmir Maharaja Hari Singh asked help from India & merged Kashmir to India. But infiltrators are still supporting extremism in Kashmir to Hurryat (Geelani,Mirwaz,Massarat Alam,Shabbir shah) & JKLF-Yasin Malik. In Pakistani occupied Kashmir Lashkar-e-Toiba (LeT) group led by Jakhirur Rahman lakhwi is doing. In 1991 terrorists killed thousands of Hindus which includes Shia-Muslim leader Aga Syed Mehdi in Kashmir.Terrorists funded by LeT have created anti-India condition in Kashmir. Even Shayama prasad Mukherjee failed to resolve problem.     Syed Salahuddin, the Kashmiri fugitive who absconded two decades ago and heads the anti-Indian terror outfit, Hizbul Mujahideen; and General Hamid Gul, the India-baiting former head of the Pakistani intelligence agency, the ISI. There is also a tie between Lashkar & golbal Jihad.

PUNJAB:–When India was divided in 1947 Punjab was also divided & some parts of Punjab is in Pakistan now.In 1980s a group in Indian-Punjab named “Babbar Khalsa” led by Jarnail Singh Bhindrawale against India and demanded a new country “Khalistan“.
So in 1984 when militancy was very high in Punjab then Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi decided operation “Blue Star” which destroyed militancy group.After 1984 pogroms in Delhi some sikh community in India is very angry.

NORTH EAST:–Terrorism is very high in north-east part of India–  ULFA in Assam , NAGA insurgency ,Manipur ,Tripura, Meghalaya & Mizoram  READ FULL ARTICLE

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