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In  India, major coal fields are located in state of west Bengal, Bihar and Orrisa.  Raniganj, Jharia and Giridih as are having major coal mines. There are more than 800  coal mines in India. India occupies 3rd position in the world in the field of coal production. Raniganj  coal belt is an important coalfield located in Damodar river valley. It is spreaded  around 240-sq. km area. It contributes 30% of total coal production of the country. Coal is  the pre – dominant primary commercial energy source in India. In India maximum coal is  found in son, Damoder, Gowdavari & Wardha etc. These are situated in valley of river.  Gondwana land parts contribute 98% parts of total coal, mainly two type coal are found  bituminous  &  anthracite.  Bituminous  type   coal  has   carbon   quantity  75  to   80%    &  Anthracite coal has 80 to 90% of carbon quantity. Anthracite coal is good, bright, black  colour, maximum temperature & low smoke quality & Bituminous is also called secondary  coal,  it  is  black,  maximum temperature,  low smoke  & water  parts contain 25 to  30%.  Gondwana land’s coal  found maximum in  West Bengal, Bihar, Orissa, Madhya Prdesh,  Maharastra & Andhra Pradesh etc. state. According  to   Geo  Survey  of  India   (1  January  1992),  total   coal   in  India   has   been  1,96,022.90 million ton (in depth 1200 mt)). West Bengal state has 2512.4 billion ton total  reserve  coal. Total coal reserve up to 600 Mt depth is 35 billions tones, about 23 billion  tones  in West  Bengal. The total extractable  reserve of coal  has  been accessed as   8  billions tones, this includes 6 billion tones in West Bengal & 2 billion in Bihar.


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