After independence jungles of Maoist had shaken hands with local people in 1967. At that time CPM politicians in West Bengal used for their vote bank. They forcefully took lands of local farmers & given to businessmen. In return they got hefty money or bribe, party donations. So the real Naxal movement had started in year 1967 from Naxalbari place from West bengal which now extended to six states.

This movement got huge support from poor village farmers & tribal`s . These people are living in unhuman conditions. There is no water, electricity, road, school & hospitals. They are victim of corrupt system.

But the noble nature of the naxal movement became tarnished as the “maoist” problem took shape. Because after 2004 there was a maoist movement in Nepal with the help of India north-east terrorists & china`s help. Indian Naxals has joined hands withthem in 2004 because of cruelty & barbarism of CPM in west bengal , and central government ignorance. Also the movement of Singur & Nandigram took revolution in west bengal. They wanted their own world and the lack of a functional police force in recently freed India – afforded them the opportunity to create ranks of foot soldiers from the rural populations. Maoist are targetinglocal Businessmen & taking money for setting business in their areas.

Back in the heydays of the freedom struggle, the naxals were a band of outlaws in and around the West Bengal, Bihar and Orissa border. They lived in the jungles and made military style guerrilla attacks on the British sponsored East India Company. They were the cowboys, who much like the Robin Hood of fables, took from the rich and gave to the poor.

Central Government lost an important opportunity after the fake killings of maoist leader Azad.  As India matured as a country – the police force became more and more corrupt, fake killings which includes politics. Like politics in west Bengal Maoist with Trinmool Congress verses CPM in power. READ FULL ARTICLE

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