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Common Wealth 2010, New Delhi (3-14 october)

It is too late for us to hope for a spectacular CWG, which could compare with the spectacular Beijing Olympics. We could even now make it a decent CWG and salvage our national honour if the Prime Minister acts and acts decisively and makes it clear that hereafter he will be in charge till the Games are over.One is helpless before the monsoon,but one was not before the alleged mismanagement of the Organising Committee. If one hadacted in time against the Organising Committee—–if necessary, by having it replaced—- when the initial signs of the accumulating mess appeared three months ago, one might have saved our national honour.The Prime Minister, Dr. Manmohan Singh, whose responsibility it was to assert his captaincy of a sinking ship and stop it from sinking, dithered as he generally does when faced with a crisis—-hoping that somehow things will turn out to be all right.The result—-12 days before the Games, renowned athletes whom we were hoping to see in action in New Delhi have started deserting the Games. READ FULL ARTICLE

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